Richard de Clare

Nombre al nacer de Clare, Richard
Sexo masculino
Edad de defunción 64 años


Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Nacimiento 1153 Tonbridge Castle, Tonbridge, Kent,Inglaterra  
Defunción 1217 Oxfordshire,Inglaterra  


Parentesco con la persona principal Nombre Parentesco dentro de esta familia (si no es por nacimiento)
Padre Roger de Clare
Madre Maud de St. Hilary
         Richard de Clare


    Familia de Richard de Clare y Amice FitzWilliam
Casados Esposa Amice FitzWilliam
Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Matrimonio 1172    
  1. Sir Gilbert de Clare

Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford, 4th Earl of Gloucester jure uxoris (c. 1153[1] – 1217[2]) was the son of Roger de Clare, 2nd Earl of Hertford and Maud de St. Hilary. More commonly known as the Earl of Clare, he had the majority of the Giffard estates from his ancestor, Rohese. He was present at the coronations of King Richard I at Westminster, 3 September 1189, and King John on 27 May 1199. He was also present at the homage of King William of Scotland at Lincoln.[citation needed]

He married (c. 1172) Amice FitzWilliam, 4th Countess of Gloucester (c. 1160–1220), second daughter, and co-heiress, of William Fitz Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, and Hawise de Beaumont. Sometime before 1198, Earl Richard and his wife Amice were ordered to separate by the Pope on grounds of consanguinity. They separated for a time because of this order but apparently reconciled their marriage with the Pope later on.[citation needed]
Magna Carta

He sided with the Barons against King John, even though he had previously sworn peace with the King at Northampton, and his castle of Tonbridge was taken. He played a leading part in the negotiations for Magna Carta, being one of the twenty five sureties. On 9 November 1215, he was one of the commissioners on the part of the Barons to negotiate the peace with the King. In 1215, his lands in counties Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex were granted to Robert de Betun. He and his son were among the Barons excommunicated by the Pope in 1215. His own arms were: Or, three chevronels gules.[citation needed]

Richard and Amice had children:
Gilbert de Clare (ca. 1180 – 25 October 1230), 4th Earl of Hertford and 5th Earl of Gloucester, (or 1st Earl of Gloucester of new creation). Married in 1217 Isabel Marshal. Maud (Matilda) de Clare (ca. 1184–1213), married in 1206, Sir William de Braose, son of William de Braose and Maud de St. Valery. Richard de Clare (ca. 1184 – 4 Mar 1228, London[citation needed]


  1. Roger de Clare
    1. Maud de St. Hilary
      1. Richard de Clare
        1. Amice FitzWilliam
          1. Sir Gilbert de Clare