Margarita de Inglaterra

Nombre al nacer de Inglaterra, Margarita
Sexo femenino
Edad de defunción 14 años, 5 meses, 12 días


Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Nacimiento 1346-07-20 Windsor, Inglaterra  
Defunción 1361 Inglaterra  


Parentesco con la persona principal Nombre Parentesco dentro de esta familia (si no es por nacimiento)
Padre Eduardo III de Inglaterra
Madre Felipa de Henao
    Hermano     Eduardo de Woodstock
    Hermano     Leonel de Amberes
    Hermano     Juan de Gante
         Margarita de Inglaterra


    Familia de John Hastings y Margarita de Inglaterra
Casados Esposo John Hastings
Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Matrimonio 1359-05-19 Reading  

Margaret of England (20 July 1346–1361) was born in Windsor to Edward III of England and his Queen, Philippa of Hainault.[1] She was also known as Margaret of Windsor.
Margaret's first marriage prospect was the eldest son of Albert III of Austria but this was ended due to politics at the time.
A few years later she was affianced to John of Blois son of Charles of Blois and rival of John V of Brittany to the Breton throne, however this was abandoned due to the fact her sister Mary was married to John V.
Margaret was brought up with John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, son of Laurence Hastings, 1st Earl of Pembroke and his wife Agnes, the daughter of Roger Mortimer (the favourite of Isabella of France). As children they had a close companionship.
On 13 May 1359, she became the wife of John Hastings in the same week as her brother John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster married Blanche of Lancaster, in Reading.[1][2]
Early death
Just two years later, Margaret died, and was buried in Abingdon Abbey. Her exact date, and manner of death, is unknown, though she was last mentioned as living on 1 October 1361.[1]


  1. Eduardo III de Inglaterra
    1. Felipa de Henao
      1. Eduardo de Woodstock
      2. Leonel de Amberes
      3. Juan de Gante
      4. Margarita de Inglaterra
        1. John Hastings