James Clarkson

Nombre al nacer Clarkson, James
Sexo masculino


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Defunción   Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey,Estados Unidos  


    Familia de James Clarkson y Agnes Collen
Casados Esposa Agnes Collen
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Matrimonio 1662 Linlithgow, Scotland  
  1. James Clarkson


ID: I15135
Name: James Clarkson
Sex: M
Birth: BET 1630 AND 1640 in Carstairs, Co. Lanmark, Scotland 1
Immigration: 1685 Linlithgow, Scotland 1
Religion: ABT 1670 Presbyterian, Linlithgow, Scotland 1
Death: BEF 08 OCT 1687 in Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey 1
1685: Bought land on Papiack Neck from Joseph Dennis,10 June1685,Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey.
1687: Inventory, 8 October 1687, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.,NewJersey, Total £ 193, 4s, 6d to James Clarkson (son) Administration12Oct 1687 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey.
James and Agnes Clarkson were Presbyterians and suffered fortheirfaith. At Hilderston in the parish of Torpichen, 4 milesfromLinlithgow, was the seat of Elizabeth Cunyngham, Lady Hilderston,apatroness of the persecuted Presbyterians. Here a conventiclewasheld on May 8, 1670. Four days later, a warrant was issued forthearrest of Lady Hilderston, James Clerkson, merchant, and others,forattending the conventicle. They were arrested and examined thesameday, and each was fined £ 100 Scots money, and imprisoned intheTolbooth of Edinburgh until they had paid their fines. On Oct25th1683, "James Clerkson, merchant, Agnes Collen, his spouse, andJamesClerkson the younger [son]" were denounced for not attendingthe(Episcopal) church at Linlithgow. A month later, on Nov. 20,Jamesand Agnes were in prison for this offense, and the younger Jameswas afugitive [aged 17]. The following year, on Oct. 14, 1684, a"List ofdisorderly persons not observing the ordinances
of religion intheparish of Linlihtgow" was published, and it contained the namesofAgnes Collen, spouse of James Clerkson, with the notation that shewasthen a fugitive. James Clerkson, merchant, was finally releasedfromthe Tolbooth at Edinburgh on Feb. 17, 1684/85 [Registers of thePrivyCouncil of Scotland, 3rd Series, 3: 168-9; 8: 629, 632; 10:260].Under these circumstances, it was quite natural for James andAgnes(Collen) Clarkson and their third son James to wish to leaveScotlandand migrate to America, which they did in the spring of 1685;althoughthe eldest son John Clarkson, and perhaps other children,remained inScotland.
Marriage 1 Agnes Collen b: 1643 in Linlithgow, Scotland
Married: ABT 1662 in Linlithgow, Scotland 1
Abram Clarkson b: 28 DEC 1664 in Linlithgow, Scotland
Andrew Clarkson
James Clarkson b: in Linlithgow, Scotland c: 08 NOV 1666
John Clarkson b: ABT 1663
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