Bernard VI de Armagnac

Nombre al nacer de Armagnac, Bernard VI
Sexo masculino


    Familia de Bernard VI de Armagnac y Cecilia de Rodez
Casados Esposa Cecilia de Rodez
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Matrimonio     Y
  1. Mathe de Armagnac


Bernard VI, (c. 1270–1319), Count of Armagnac and Fezensac, was the son of Gerald VI, Count of Armagnac, and Mathe de Béarn.

Marriages and Children

He first married Isabella d'Albret (c. 1275 † December 1, 1294), daughter of Bernard Ezy IV Sire of Albret and Jeanne de Lusignan. Through this marriage, Bernard VI carried the title of lord of Albret between the years 1280 and 1294.

In 1298, he married Cecilia de Rodez, heiress of Henri II Count of Rodez.
Children, all born of the second marriage were:

John I (1305 † 1373), Count of Armagnac, of Fezensac and Rodez.
Mathe († 1364), married in 1321 to Bernard Ezi IV, Sire d'Albret.
Isabella, Lady of Beras.
Bernard had an illegitimate son;

John, Bastard of Armagnac, called la Guerre(the War),[1] participated in wars in Gascony. He was captured by the king's men, then released after promising to be faithful and loyal to the king. He left arms, embraced the ecclesiastical state, was Patriarch of Alexandria, then took the administration of the diocese of Rodez in 1376.


    1. Bernard VI de Armagnac
      1. Cecilia de Rodez
        1. Mathe de Armagnac