Elizabeth Coudres

Nombre al nacer Coudres, Elizabeth
Sexo femenino


    Familia de Ozce Jourdan y Elizabeth Coudres
Casados Esposo Ozce Jourdan
Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Matrimonio     Y
  1. Jean Jourdan


Hudson-Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs:
a record of achievements of the people of the Hudson and Mohawk valleys in New York state, included within the present counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga, Montgomery, Fulton, Schenectady, Columbia and Greene, Volumen 1
Major John Jermain, of Long JERMAIN Island, New York, was a grandson of Ozce Jourdain, who was born in La Rochelle, France. He married Elizabeth Coudres, born in the same city. They were Protestant in religion, and after the death of his wife Ozce ...


    1. Elizabeth Coudres
      1. Ozce Jourdan
        1. Jean Jourdan