Jonathan Hillborn

Nombre al nacer Hillborn, Jonathan
Sexo masculino


    Familia de Jonathan Hillborn y Elizabeth Keen
Casados Esposa Elizabeth Keen
Evento Fecha Lugar Descripción Notas Fuentes
Matrimonio     Y


Citing Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, John W. Jordan, Editor (pub 1911, repub 1978), page 1664, "John Ewing, son of John and Sarah (Yeates) Ewing, (The latter a sister of Judge Jasper Yeates) was born in Lancaster, June 22, 1755. He married in 1795, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Margaret Keen, and had issue one daughter, Margaret. He died February 14, 1799. His wife survived him, and later married Jonathan Hillborn, of Limerick township, Montgomery county. John Ewing was commissioned captain of the Second Company, Eighth Battalion, Lancaster County Militia, Lieutenant Colonel James Ross, in 1780, and served to the close of the Revolution, performing a number of 'tours of duty.' "


    1. Jonathan Hillborn
      1. Elizabeth Keen